Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Sunday and It's Raining

It's Sunday and it's raining outside. There is more paperwork on my desk than I want to deal with, I guess I have too. The tax man said he want's his paper work by April 15, so I am forced to do something I really don't feel like doing. My CPA has finished my LLC tax forms, now I will do the Sole Proprietor part to go to a different CPA. I will pay another $300.00 to have that finished and put in book form for the IRS. Gee, I know there is a simpler way to do this. How about the fair tax? I am sick and tire of spending endless hours on tax reports, that we have to do, weather we want to or not.
Every time they change the tax code, weather to reduce taxes on people who already don't pay taxes, or increase them on who that do, that just means more time spent on revising my tax strategies. I don't get paid to do all this, it cost more money to have them done, and I usually end up owning a little more every year to the government.
I've have about had it with whole situation. We are taxed to death, and after we die, we are taxed again.
Maybe, this shouldn't be on my blog, it should be on a vent somewhere, but what the hell, no one reads this anyway.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Job Hunting

Are you searching for a job? So, you want to go to work, provide an income and try to pay your bills. There are about 4 million people doing the same thing. What makes you different? Answer this question and you will find a job.If you can define yourself above someone else, the more likely you are to find employment. I you feel you are just part of the crowd you probably are.