Monday, February 6, 2012

Obama will Win White House in 2012

The Republican establishment is making sure that Obama stays in office for another four years. With the promotion of Mitt Romney and the denigration of any of the contenders, especially Newt Gingrich, they have all but guaranteed Obama a victory. The Democrat machine is already planning the new inauguration party and laughing at Mitt Romney out loud.
The general public has no say in the process anymore, as soon as their voices are heard, they are squashed by million of dollars of negative advertising against their choice. Almost in unison, the press chimes in with the party leaders to increase the attacks on the candidate, which in turn, the candidate would have to spend money, time and effort to defend themselves. This has been evident through out this campaign season; when Herman Cain made it to the top of the polls, accusations of infidelity surfaced that was never substantiated and seem to disappear when he dropped out of the race, then when Newt Gingrich started making headlines the same thing, even though he won South Carolina the negative ads ran in Florida elimanated any chance of a repeat. Newt was out spent nearly 16 to 1 or more, and even with the fact that Newt actually won more counties, that was never highlited, Mitt won the more populated counties where the money for negative ads were spent.
Now, fast forward to this summer and fall, Romney gets nomination and has to debate Obama for White House. The democrats will ads running constantly about Romney not paying his fair share of Taxes, Mitt only paid 15% tax while he hid millions in Swiss and Camen bank accounts. They will have ads using his own words, "I'm not worried about the poor", or "I like firing people" even if it taken out of context, it won't matter. The democrats will have nearly a billion dollars to spend and when the advertising barage starts it will be relentless and ruthless.
The republican establishment looks to have thrown in the towel against Obama by selecting Mitt to be their man. They seem to be looking past this election and they think that there is no one that can beat Obama, any negative ads will be called racist and with Mitt as a sacrifical lamb this year, they will be able to look for another canidate for 2016, if the United States can last that long under the rule of the democrats and Leader of the Czars, Obama the Great.
The conservatives and general republican public need stand up to the machine if they expect to have any chance of beating Obama in the upcoming election. There may be hope, but unless people with like minds stand together, you get what they want you to have.