Friday, September 2, 2011

President out of Ideas for jobs

I guess you have seen all the reports now, the President is due to announce his lastest economic recovery plan next week. The majority of the reports I have seen today is more about the conflict with the NFL season start, than Obama's next anouncement. It's pretty sad really, when people have lost so much faith in the leadership of the President, that his adivisors have to even consider this. More so, that Obama himself, is saying that he will wrap it up before the game starts, sad, so sad.
Could you image football pre empting Richard Nixon or Ronald Regan, how about Bill Clinton? People had respect for the office back then, now days it seems the president is treated more like a celeberty than the leader of the free world. A president that has lost touch with the working class and lost respect among the same folks, that makes for a sad situation.
Is it really a policy that can change the current economic condition or is it something a lot deeper in the American philosophy. Maybe President Obama can't do anything and never could, the the fact is that people look to him for leadership, which is hard to find. He can't even members of his own party to go along with most of what he suggest.
I think that what we will get next week will be more of the same that we have heard, only this time he promises it will work, if only the GOP will get out of the way.
I think that he even has a hard time really believing that he really has an answer at this point. It's job protection time and he knows that he is running out of chances to make a difference.
The best thing he could do is announce that the government is going to get out of the way in the eviromental and permits department and allow business to move forward and tax cuts for any new employee added. We will see?