Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Economic recovery plan

Quite simply, my economic recovery plan; is 1. ignore the news 2. not listen to talk radio anymore 3. forget the governments problems 4. worry about me and my family only.
The news just fills you with doom and gloom. The whole damn world is falling apart according to ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. Talk radio is just making me more cynical than I already am, when it comes to the government. The government is more of an obstacle to me than a help. The government creates problems then looks to the people to help them fix it, mostly in the form of more taxes.
I've created my own economic recovery plan. I work 12 hours a day, or more, six days a week and sometimes more. I take care of my family, no matter what it takes. I am nearly fifty years old, and if I can work like this, you can.
What's your excuse for your situation. To educated to work a minimal job? To busy job hunting to actually work? So your above working at a convenience store or McDonald's.
Well while your loosing your house, your car and your mind, I'm saving for a vacation. I will do anything to keep my family in our house, no our home, I'm not above working as hard as I have to.
Are YOU?