Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mid East response to Osama's Death

From the news reports that I have seen, there doesn't appear the type of street uprising's that we in the US have become accustom to every time something happens that involves the US.
Also, the most vocal of the middle eastern countries to the killing of Bin Laden appears to be Pakistan. The Pakistan government is saying that they should have been involved in the process to to capture or kill Bin Laden. To the Pakistan government I say, "too fricken bad."
From previous reports it appears that there are leaks from inside the Pakistan government to Bin Laden sympathisers. According to some sources that previous attempts to track Bin Laden have failed due to leaks from confidential sorces. There are several government officials in side the US that still have a hard time comprehending that the Pakistan government didn't know where Osama was; considering the fact that the compound was within 800 feet of a military installation.
CIA and other intel agencies are watching for increased chatter on known terrorist networks for increased threats. As of now, or as what is being released, there are no known reliable source threats for retaliation.