Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Are all politician corrupt?

Are the politicians in DC corrupt? What ever happened to honesty and integrity? It seems like every day we read of another scandal in Washington and it doesn't apply to just one party.
I really think that there are probably some pretty good people in government, but they are the ones that you never hear about. The ones that are really trying to do good things that protect the American public are the silent ones in the background that never get any press. They go to DC to find out that its not easy to compete with the Pelosi, Reid, and radical left for change in government that will actually help the people, not burden them.
It seems that the political class that begs for TV coverage, is out there to promote their agenda with half truths and sometimes out right lies. When called out on these misleading statements that resort to name calling and trying anything they can to avoid answering the question.
I don't care which side of the political isle you are on, we the people, just want our elected representatives to be honest with us. If they would just give us the facts and not what they think we want to hear, we could decide for ourselves weather to favor or not a piece of legislation.
As in the Health Care Bill we have be mislead by both sides, the left lies about the cost and other portions of the bill that are just now coming to light. The right refuses to admit there are probably some good thing in the bill as well. It seems that no matter what, it is all just designed to keep the same people in power.
The corrupt politician will seek the spotlight to call attention to themselves in order to spread their word to the naive and the ignorant among us. They depend on the willing of the people to take what they say at face value, without question and the ability to think for themselves.
The problems lies in the fact there is no way to remove these politician other than the ballot box and as long as the people that follow them like sheep, continue to vote for the same people the same people will remain.
We have to educate people to the truth, before we can eliminate the corrupt political climate that exist in today's politics.
We need real people in DC, not career politicians. Once the average man has a voice in DC the climate may change, but until then, special interest and idealist will control the lives of all.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The list of Democrats that voted against Health Care Reform Bill

The following is a list of the Democrats that voted against the health care bill. These people have become targets of the left seeking to get them out of office. Though, many voted for different reason, the left is upset because of the fact that they didn't go along with the Obama, Pelosi plan. Never mind that some failed to support it because it didn't go far enough in their eyes. Many on this list would not support the bill because it lacked the so called public option, the entire take over of health care by the government. The fact remains, if they went against the wishes of Obama they need to be thrown out of office. This just goes to show you that, not only is the Republicans and the Tea Party in the sights of the liberal left, but anyone who fails to go along with the Obama agenda is fair game. These names came from a far left website, I won't mention the name, I refuse to give them any free advertisement. 

John Adler NJ-3
Jason Altmire PA-4
Michael Arcuri NY-24
John Barrow GA-12
Marion Berry ARK-1
Dan Boren OK-2
Rick Boucher VA-9
Bobby Bright AL-2
Ben Chandler KY-6
Travis Childers MISS-1
Artur Davis AL-7
Lincoln Davis TN-4
Chet Edwards TX-17
Parker Griffith AL-5
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin SD-1
Tim Holden PA-1
Larry Kissell NC-8
Frank Kratovil MD-1
Daniel Lipinski IL-3
Stephen F. Lynch MA-9
Jim Marshall GA-8
Jim Matheson UT-2
Mike McIntyre NC-7
Michael McMahon NY-13
Charlie Melancon LA-3
Walt Minnick ID-1
Glenn Nye VA-2
Collin Peterson MN-7
Mike Ross AR-4
Heath Shuler NC-11
Ike Skelton MO-4
Zack Space OH-18
John Tanner TN-8
Gene Taylor MS-4
Harry Teague NM-2

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Twits on twitter

I have been exploring different parts of Twitter for the past several day and what I have found is just plain scary. There are sites dedicated to all views and people from all walks of life. The most vile and disturbing people seem to be on one particular site RT#p2-tcot.

 These people are from the progressive left, I mean far, far, far left. They constantly spew hatred for anything that is not total agreement with their point of view. When I have tried to hold a conversation with these people they resort to name calling, blocking messages and will not accept or debate any opposing view.
Though, I am an independent thinker and usually piss people off from the left and the right,the right theocracy people especially, the venom from the left is quite disturbing. They continually degrade and insult people, especially Sarah Palin and Glen Beck. I don't know if they are afraid of them or if most them are just repeating what they hear. They never seem to address the comments made these people only attack the messenger. When they do say something that was said by Palin or Beck, they take it so far out context, that they bastardize the comment so much as to not be noteworthy.
These people are just plain scary. They seem to follow blindly down the path of misinformation put out by their social leaders, Obama, Pelosi and Reid. They question nothing, only believe what they are told and repeat the lies so much that they must believe that they are true.
I think I have had enough. They talk about racism and hatred on the right and blame social ills on everyone but their selves. They will never reach across the isle to work with opposing view, they will only whine, piss and moan when they don't get their way.
Its a sad state of affairs when people can be lead down a path of destruction and never even know it. These same people will blame everyone but their selves for their own current circumstance in life. They will depend on the government to make things right in their lives, never once admitting that they are to blame.
Since when was it OK for the government to take something from someone who earned it and give it to those who refuse to even try.
When the Democrats run everything for forty years, all they ever did was to keep social program in place to keep the down trotted coming back to the polls. With every election the promises of a cradle to grave society grew until we get to where we are today. Now, with Obama, Reid and Pelosi in charge, they have become dictators and are forcing new laws upon the people weather wanted or not. The Health Care Reform bill is just a prelude to what is to come. When they can pass a bill that over 65% of the population didn't want, it shows that their desire for control out weighs the desires of the people
The people on this twitter page are more than willing to accept the promises of social reform and government control and long as it comes from the left. If these same issues would had been on the right side of the isle, I believe that the rage over being force to purchase insurance or be fined, would be heard on every news cast night and day. They would be calling for removal of the people who went against the will of the people and voted for a law that they didn't approve of.
They say the right is full of hate?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

can the states fight the health care bill?

If what is in this video is correct, there may be some issues for the federal government to worry about. The congress with it's democrats will fight all measures to repeal any portion of its social engineering law, but will the supreme court remain unbiased in its opinion and stay with the constitution?
watch this video.
click here to watch

Friday, March 26, 2010

Is America headed for a New Slavery

Slavery in American is growing. The slave owners are the Democrat congress and President Obama. They are on course to enslave million more Americans every day.
America is in the process of heading to a new form of slavery. Will the American people give up freedom for security granted by the government? With the passage of the new health care bill, we may be further down that road than ever before. This new health care bill will make new slaves out anyone wanting to access the health care in the U.S.
Slaves to the government increase with every social program that passes. We currently have slaves to the Medicare and Medicaid systems. Without these social systems in place people would have to depend on personal perseverance and charity from churches, like we used too. These people are slaves to the government bureaucracy associated to these programs. In the pass, Democrats have used promises of more benefits to gain votes. Will they revolt now, knowing that the Health care bill is going to be used gut benefits from theses systems? They have been enslaved for so long they will probably follow their master now, no matter where he leads them.
The other current form of slavery is social security. The Democrats have used this system for years to gain the votes of senior citizens. Every election cycle the Democrat candidates claim that if you don’t vote for them, the republicans will cut your social security benefits. They have been continually building the base of slaves for decades. They have used phrases like, if you elect the opposition you be eating dog food because they will take your money. The problem with this form of slavery is that the politicians on the Democrat side never tell them the truth, like the Social Security System is broke. Right now, in 2010, the government will pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes. When Republicans offered to reform social security the Democrats fought to kill it. The youth in America will be slaves to social security in the future in the form of higher taxes to support the retiring baby boomer generation.
As government expands its power over its people, it also increases its slave base. With the health care bill set to explode the deficit in the next 10 years, more and more slaves will be created by the higher taxes that will be required to pay for it. As we move into the age of government control of every aspect of our lives, will we ever find enough people to fight slavery again?
When slavery was fought in the civil war, the republicans led the way. Does the name Abraham Lincoln ring a bell with anyone? When the civil rights movement took place in the late fifty and early sixties it was the republican party that fought to repeal segregation. The democrats wanted to keep people in their place, the main voice Democrats Robert Byrd once wrote “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see old glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels.” After the civil rights bill was enacted, the democrat found another way to adopt the black vote and enslaving them once again by promising them social benefits. Benefits such as public housing did nothing to empower the community, but enslaved them to a life of crime and desperation.
The more power we give the government to take care of our every need, the less freedom we enjoy. Will there come a time that a new exodus from slavery will take place in our society? Will the government refuse to give up its power over its people? If the vote on the health care bill is any indication, it will take a lot of change in our leadership in congress to do this. The health care bill was passed by democrats against the will of the people, the slave owners say that we don’t know what is good for us, so they passed the bill to protect us. Now to gain our confidence again the president is out making speeches to reassure everyone that everything is going to be better. The slave owner would never tell the slave the truth, starving while being free is far better than being fed as a slave.
Don’t be a slave to your government, stand up for freedom and vote for people that will let people live and dream the American Dream. Our forefathers fought freedom, it’s our turn.

Violence against Supports of the health care bill and The Way Media Covers It

The latest headlines are designed for one thing, promote the liberal agenda in the congress and Obama as the leader of the new America.
The latest headlines to make the news, is the report of threats against supporters of the health care reform bills. There seems to be a template that media is generating their new stories from. The template is to cover the threats to Democrats and ignore all threats to anybody else. The stories are designed to destroy any opposition to the health care bill and the Obama administration desire to control the health care system in America. These stories are designed for one thing, divide and concur any and all opposition. If they can associate all people against big government and Obama’s desire to change the direction of the United States, with the idiots that promote violence they can further their agenda. They will ignore any threats to anyone that doesn’t fit their template.
For example, a bullet that landed in the office of House Minority Whip Eric Cantor was the result of "random gunfire," in Richmond, Virginia. The police officers are saying that was a stray bullet falling from the sky? Would the story be the same if had been Nancy Pelosi’s office? I don’t think so.
Nor does the media report the death threats made daily to members of the opposition party. Death threats made to democrats that supported bill without a public option go unreported as well. The only threats that you hear about are the ones that come from the so called Right.
If you want the truth, you won’t find it on MSNBC or any of the Obama media, you will have to look online or possible watch Fox News for an unbiased report.
One other thing that you should know that you want hear on the news channels. The threats to talk show host such as Neil Boortz, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh among others happen on a daily basis. The threats have gone on for years, in most cases it is from people on the left that want to silent the opposition. As they say, the truth hurts.
With the networks in the pocket of the Obama and Democrat’s their objective will be to prop up and support their agenda, no matter what it takes.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Do we need a New Health Care Bill

With all the talk of the Democrat's Health Care Reform bill and the Obama signature making it law, do we another health care bill.

In a word, yes. The health care bill in its present form is a terrible bill. The implications of this bill will not even be felt until after President Obama is out of office. The economical disaster that awaits us will be so wide spread that the Great Depression will look like a walk in the park.
The latest news to come out in the press is that the government is looking at value added Tax. This is a true economic killing Tax. This will hit the working class with a vengeance. The tax will be added on top of the already high taxes we pay at our local stores. We already pay, states sales tax, gasoline taxes and many local splost taxes (special local option sale tax).
If the government was truly serious about getting the economy back on track there is two things that they should do immediately.
1. Scrap the current health care reform bill
We need a bill that encourages competition from insurance companies, go to a looser pays lawsuit system (this would eliminate thousands of frivolous lawsuits each year helping to reduce insurance cost. We also need a system that allows a patient to get a second pinon on a medical issue, paid by insurance companies, that if both doctors are in agreement to the diagnoses, the insurance would be required to pay. We need to be able to purchase the type of insurance we need, without a one size fits all policy, if you don't pregnancy insurance because you don't need it, then why have to pay for it, the same for mental illness and other things are mandated.
 2. Replace the current income tax system with the fair tax. This is not a value added tax, but a replacement for the federal income tax, social security tax and each person would be paid their entire paycheck on payday. If you want more information on the fair tax click here.
The only way to dig ourselves out of the financial hole the country is in is to make the politician quit spending money the country doesn't have. As for creating revenue for the country, the fair tax is simple the best economic vehicle to jump start all aspects of the economic engine that runs this country.
Please let your congress people know that we can't afford this health care bill and that more taxes are not the answer.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well the truth is comming out slowly

The democrat's are letting the truth get out slowly. The truth is that things that they said were in the health care bill they just passed are not really in there, at least not yet. The truth is, according to one representative is their main goal is to control people. It just going to take a little longer to do it than they thought. This is great, just what we need, more control from our friendly government dictators.

Monday, March 22, 2010

So the dictator got his way

So Obama, the first dictator of America got his way, now what? Pelosi and the part of the Democrat's gave him the vote he wanted, I say part, because 33 members of their own party voted no. The bribes and payoffs worked to get just the 216 votes they needed. If this is what it's going to be like until the November elections, what's next for the Democrat's and their dictator leader. Will they go all out to get everything they want before they are thrown out? Will tax increases just be a matter of time? Will they issue a full out assault on the American way of life? Can they be stopped? God I hope so!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is health care going to kill our econonmy?

Depending on who you talk to, the answer could be a realistic yes. The cost of the health care reform estimates range from 1 to 3 trillion dollars over the first ten years of it being implemented. The cold hard truth is nothing is free. The government doesn't create income, only takes it from people and redistributes it as it see fit. The socialist form government that we are headed for will never work here. The American public is a free society and it will take years to change their minds. With government education leading the way, with revised history and it's social agenda, the next generation may be more prone to give up freedom in exchange for promised security. The health care reform bill is a door being opened into governments desire for more and more power. This will not surely turn out good for anyone, at least anyone that thinks that less government is better. The cost the government projects for any program is usually wrong by a margin of 10, so if they say 900 billion figure that number to be 9trillion in ten years. Look at what they have done to social security, medicare and medicaid, if these programs are any indication of what lies ahead, God help us.
These are some interesting books that should be on every ones reading list.
The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Can we pay for health care and help the economy with drug law reform

In depth article on this subject exposes a lot on this subject, it may open your eyes to some facts that you haven't considered before. It examines the cost of the war on drug, prohibition, economic cost of drug laws, the health care bill cost and other factors related to the subject.
click here for full article

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Democrat Party Set to Destroy American Health care

Lies will pass this health care bill. Who will save us, it is up to us to fight back. Or will Obama be the first American Dictator? The Democrat party has put all of their hope in that fact. That,what he wants, he gets. That is not the worst part, if this bill passes, this is just the beginning of our troubles. This bill will bankrupt the country, then no one will worry about health care, they will worry about staying alive.
Read more on Obama the Dictator
click here

Monday, March 15, 2010

I am so Sick Of TAX season

Ok, so I am self employed and I hate this time of year. I have to pay people to tell me how much I have to Pay the IRS. We need the fair tax, I need the fair tax, everyone needs the fair tax. Please help promote the fair tax. It would be the best help the economy and would relieve a lot of stress for everyone.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Political stupid speak

Over the years I thought that I had heard just about everything stupid a politician could say. But, as every day goes bye I hear something more stupid than the last day. When I heard Bill Clinton say "it depends on what your definition of is, is." I didn't think that would be topped. Then there was Al Gore with his famous "I invented the internet", blurb. Oh, and let don't forget George Bush 43, "fool me once, shame on you, won't get fooled again".
But, today I heard one that showed just how arrogant politicians are, and just how dumb they think we are. Nancy Pelosi, said, speaking of the health care bill, "we must pass this bill so will know just what is in it". What?
Would someone please tell the people of congress that they are suppose to read the bills, before they vote on them. I think that they think we are so stupid, that because 80% of Americans don't trust congress, that we should leave it up to them to decide what is good for us. I am really about fed up with the whole bunch up there in D.C., when are going to get these political lifers out and put some fresh ideas in office. The change that people for in 08 is not the kind of change they are getting. Oh, one last stupid thing, President Obama said, after his 367 speech on health care,"the reason people don't like the plan, is because I haven't explained plain enough".  Here is plain enough from me, the people don't like it because it gives more power to the government. It's that simple.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Construction Unemployment reaches nearly 25%

With the housing market down and more people buying distressed properties in foreclosure, the new home industry in slow to recover. The sub-contract employees that once made a living working for home builders are suffering big in this economic climate.
While it is estimated that the unemployment rate in the construction industry is nearly 25%, this still doesn't take into account the layoffs and down sizing of the distributors. Home Depot, Lowes and other big chain home improvement stores have cut staff and even closed stores in outlying locations. That have cut staff back in stores, cut hours for the remain staff and restructured the operating headquarters to become more efficient in these lean times.
The remodeling business is remaining steady, however the people in this end of this business are reluctant to bring in new personnel. They are at this point trying to provide employment for the people who stuck with them through the housing boom and didn't leave to work for the builders, who are now out of business.
Talking to associates at Home Depot and Lowes, it seems that they seem to see the same faces that they always seen in the remodeling business, and according to people in the millworks division, business for these people seem to be steady.
With the government offering programs and incentives for home buyers, hopefully the housing market will begin to pick up come spring and summer of this year. Look for the unemployment rate to only fall slightly between now then. The only thing that may help the overall unemployment numbers, may be the rate that the illegals leave to seek opportunity else where. In the Atlanta market it is presumed that approximately 30% of the construction jobs that were filled during the last housing boom were by illegals.That means now, the competition for the available jobs will be less than before, and maybe people can get back to work to support their families.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Georgia reaches 10.4 unemployment rate

Figures just released show that Georgia has reached a 10.4% unemployment, the highest so far. This Obama administration has been in office for more than a year now and the first stimulus package that was, suppose to keep unemployment under 8% has failed miserably.
Now the Democrats and Obama are wanting to push another unpaid for bill to help with the growing numbers. The problem with this is, the first bill hasn't been completely spent yet, and there is no proof that another bill will do any good.
If they were truly interested in employment, they would cut taxes across the board to free up capital, so business could compete with other companies outside the US. The freed up capital, would allow these companies to hire more people once present day production couldn't keep up with demand. They will fight any type of tax cuts to the bitter end, play the class warfare game over and over and never give up any control over the private sector that they deed as theirs.
It's seems as if that they are really trying to keep unemployment at its current level so that they can continue doling out money in benefits. This way the more people that continue to seek government assistance, the power they continue to have.
This is just a big power game, and right now they think they hold all the cards. When the public wake up to whats going on and refuse to let the federal government spend this country into bankruptcy?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Predictions for Employment for the next 90 days

Employment for the next 90 days will continue to gain momentum, if the government will hold off on any future tax increases. The tax increases we could see coming would be primarily related to the health care bill or revenue shortfalls for state and local governments. The other factors will be the cost of doing business, such as fuel cost and other inflation factors. Right now fuel cost have risen about 15cents a gallon at the station, taking a bite into the operating cost of delivery of products. Employment will continue to be slow, but, should gain in the next few months. If you are trying to give credit to the Obama stimulus plan, don't, business will try to grow in-spite of it, not because of it. The free market is better left alone by the government, not controlled by it.