Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Political stupid speak

Over the years I thought that I had heard just about everything stupid a politician could say. But, as every day goes bye I hear something more stupid than the last day. When I heard Bill Clinton say "it depends on what your definition of is, is." I didn't think that would be topped. Then there was Al Gore with his famous "I invented the internet", blurb. Oh, and let don't forget George Bush 43, "fool me once, shame on you, won't get fooled again".
But, today I heard one that showed just how arrogant politicians are, and just how dumb they think we are. Nancy Pelosi, said, speaking of the health care bill, "we must pass this bill so will know just what is in it". What?
Would someone please tell the people of congress that they are suppose to read the bills, before they vote on them. I think that they think we are so stupid, that because 80% of Americans don't trust congress, that we should leave it up to them to decide what is good for us. I am really about fed up with the whole bunch up there in D.C., when are going to get these political lifers out and put some fresh ideas in office. The change that people for in 08 is not the kind of change they are getting. Oh, one last stupid thing, President Obama said, after his 367 speech on health care,"the reason people don't like the plan, is because I haven't explained plain enough".  Here is plain enough from me, the people don't like it because it gives more power to the government. It's that simple.

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