Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Illusion of government help

The government is often saying that it wants to make things fair for this group or that group. The fact is there is no one that can make things fair for anyone. Some people are in fact just stupid, dumb or ignorant. Then some people are born with high IQ's and there is nothing that the government can do to change that. Some people will work only as much as they have too, just to get by, then complain when they see someone that has more than they do. Some people will work so much, that they loose all touch with the love one they are trying to please. (I know, I was one of those people). But, nothing in life is fair, no one said it would be, and it will never be. So the next time you hear a politician claim to making someone pay their fair share, remember, the government who decides what is fair, can also put you in jail. They have the power of force on their side, no matter what you do in your personal life, you can't force anyone to do something, only the government can.
Trust in yourself, question everything, take nothing for granite and remember life ain't fair!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New engine gets over 100 miles per gallon

What if I told you there is a new engine in the making that can get over 100mpg! It's true, but will the oil companies let it be adapted to the automobile. Just think of this, a light weight engine that produces more horsepower, up to 600, weighs less than 200lbs, and get 100 mpg, think of the possibilities. This new engine is a whole new design developed to run on all types of fuel, bio fuel, diesel, gasoline and even battery. You need to read this article for yourself click here.
This new engine if ever brought to the market could cut fuel consumption in the US by 50% and the clean burning engine would cut CO2 emissions even more. The oil companies will probably fight this tooth and nail, and like a lot of other engines developed to save money on fuel cost, will be black listed to be kept from the market place.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yellow haze

The tune Purple Haze by Jimmy Hendrix

Yellow haze all in my brain, Lately I just can't see the same,
Yellow haze all around, I wish it would rain and wash it down.
I can't keep, my car clean, this pollen just turns it green.

I wish this pollen season was over. I am tired of supporting the drug companies buying sinus pills every week.
Can't think of much else to say. Except the pollen season in the south is terrible this year. No rain in two weeks, and the wind has made the air yellow. I feel like I need to wear a dust mask just to go out side and grill the two big steaks I just bought.
This just random thoughts on a Saturday in the North Georgia Mountain. The town is hopping with Bear on the Square activities, live music and festivals all day. Come join the fun, take a break from the political talk and give your mind a rest. Dahlonega, up GA 400 is a great little town filled with great people, glad I live here.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Time for Action is Now

Some one has to step forward and put an end to the political warfare. The left argues with the right, the right argues with the left and the people are left somewhere in between. Spending is out of control and there is no end in sight. The political class will never do what is necessary to curb this. They are dependent on special interest to meet their desires of life long political power.
What we need is some independent thinkers that are not subjected to the whims of the political parties, left or right. We need business men and women that know what a true budget is, how to control one and willing to make the cuts no matter who it pisses off. People that have no interest in being in politics for the rest of their lives and go to DC to serve the people.
We need people that can say to the IRS, "Your time is done." Get rid of the 8000plus pages of tax codes, take the power from the IRS that only they have; your guilty until proven innocent. The IRS has the right to seize your bank account, put you in prison and deprive you of liberty and justice. If the IRS is proven wrong, they have no legal obligation to reimburse you for the time and money spent to prove it. It is a powerful system that is way to over due to be disbanded and free the American people from it's grip on society.
I don't care what we go to, the FairTax would be the best alternative, at least everyone pays, drug dealers, illegals and those out there that hide income. I would even go along with a FlatTax if I thought it could be done without still having to file papers with IRS. At least the FairTax would eliminate that part. No April the 15th to worry about anymore.
I am a small businessman that averages 8hrs a month dealing with the paperwork, and another 40hrs at the end of the year filing papers with my CPA. I have to pay a CPA to tell me how much I have to pay the IRS. What sense on any level does that make?
The only way we are going to get rid of the IRS is to get rid of the life long political class in Washington and replace them with people that have a brain and a heart. People truly dedicated to fixing the government, not just following the parties desires to keep the special interest satisfied.
Your opinions are welcome.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Can OPEC kill the economy?

If you think the housing bust was about bad loans, yes, a lot of the loans were made to low lifes that knew they could never pay the loan. But, the housing bust corresponded with what, the last rise in the prices at the pump. Most people live on a budget, when the budget is busted, it forces people to makes cut somewhere.
When gas prices hit $4.00 a gallon, not only did effect how much it cost to fill up a car, it did much more. Fuel cost increased the cost of shipping everything. Food went up, airline tickets went up and business's started to suffer. Restaurants and other establishments begin to layoff workers due to the business turn down.
When peoples disposable income began to disappear, their budgets began to get out of whack. Part of the  money they had allocated to help pay the bills started going in their tanks and to pay for the increase in grocery prices.
The economy seems to be slowly recovering now. Jobs are not readily available yet, but small business is seeing some growth, along with housing sales picking up. The American public is still vulnerable to rising gas prices, with a lot of blue collar workers dependent on independent travel to and from jobs, small increase hurt.
If OPEC decides to cut production to increase prices, who will stop them. Oil prices are on the rise again and will probably continue through the summer. This will coincide with summer travel plans with millions of Americans headed on vacation. With every price increase at the pump, they will have to cut something somewhere. One less night at the hotel, one less meal they eat out, multiply this by the amount of travelers and isn't hard to see where this is headed.
If we head into another economic turn down with the unemployment rate already at 9plus percent, around 20percent in the construction field, what happens then. Do we blame this on the financial institutes again? When prices at the pump go up the congress is quick to blame the gas companies and fail to mention the role of our foreign dependence on oil. Do we have a recourse against OPEC creating self imposed shortages, such as cutting production? Price at the pump depends on the price of a barrel of oil.

So, are we headed for another economic slow down, prices at the pump are up now over a dollar a gallon from last year, which is keeping the recovery in the slow mode. If we want to get the economy pumping again, slow down the cost at the pump.