Monday, July 25, 2011

Debt limit Budget Deal or No Deal

The president and the speaker continue to battle over the debt limit increase, time to work something out is now. The speaker is wanting any increase in spending tied to budget cuts and the president and the democrats are still pushing for tax increases.
Funny, during the campaing seems that the candiate Obama wasn't quite as vocal about rasing taxes but the president can't seem to find a way to quit spending so now he needs more money. The democrats thirst for the American dollar seem to grow more daily. If the president was really more interested in the middle class and the poor he would realize that every time you tax the people that create jobs and wealth the less you help the job prospects.
The speaker of the house, John (I'm not caving in) Boehner, seems to have the support of the majority of Americans right now, with the, don't spend what you don't have approach. It seems pretty simple, if you are going to spend money, don't borrow what you don't have, when the whole argument right now is that we have so much debt that we have to increase the limit just to allow for interest payments.
Stay tuned, we need leadership and statemanship, not a spending junkie looking for his next fix.