Thursday, December 22, 2011

Is Iowa a worthless Primary?

This question is being asked more and more the closer we come to the January 3rd, caucus date. It seems the polls change every day and if they are a true indicator of whats going on, Ron Paul just may win in Iowa. Then that begs to ask, again, is Iowa a worthless primary?
In most reasonable minds, if Ron Paul wins, the answer must be yes. There is absolutely no way that Ron Paul will be Obama. With the statements attributed to Ron Paul from his news letters from the past, he would have a hard time beating anyone. Talk show host Erick Erickson on WSB radio, covered a lot of what was written on his show on Wednesday, December 21st. Some of the things that he talked about was down right scary if you heard it. According to Erick, in Paul's news letter, there was such things as, "gay were intentionally infecting the blood banks with AIDS, that there was going to be a race war and referred to blacks as animals." Also, according to Mr. Erickson, Ron Paul's editor was quoted making such comments as "there is nothing more lovin, than a Jew in the oven," it this is true and Paul refused to dis-own these comments, how could he possibly be a candidate.
If a talk show host can find this stuff, what do you think the democrats will do with all this information? Hitler himself, would stand a better chance of beating Obama if they have access to the same information that Erick spoke of.
Are the people of Iowa so ill informed that they would actually vote for someone like this? If Ron Paul wins in Iowa there is no way this can reflect the rest of America. This will make Iowa look like a laughing stock and may remove any candidates from ever participating in that state again.
Also, Newt and Romney are in a virtual tie according to the latest polls, the closer we get to January 3rd, the more volatile the polls will become.
I am looking forward to the caucus, but only as it will show the insignificance of the whole damn thing anyway.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Debate Tonight on Fox News

The Republican debate in Iowa tonight will be on Fox News at 9pm eastern time live. All the political news people will be watching and I'm sure that millions of other will be watching as well. Then there will be a lot people in Atlanta that will want to watch, but the Falcons will be on Thursday night football, and they may flip back and forth, depending on the status of the game.
This is building to be one of the best of the debates so far. Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have started on a concerted smear campaign against the current front polls leader, Newt Gingrich. The ad's have been relentless and full of have truths and comments on what Newt did in the past. They tend to have one thing in common, Newt has worked with democrats in the past or has changed his position on things over the years. I have a feeling that Newt will be well prepared for the attack tonight and will smile the whole time.
Ron Paul will probably do well in Iowa, his ground game is in tack and his followers are true devotes and will do more with less if need be. The problem will be if he starts to get attacked during the debate to keep smiling and not become a grumpy old man.
Mitt Romney has to keep his cool as well, no more betting on the truth. Don't let the lies and attacks get to him, don't touch your opponents, don't Rick Perry get to him like he's done in the past. I don't know what it is, but something just comes off that Rick Perry and Mitt Romney just don't like each other.
Will the fireworks fly tonight? A lot of political junkies can't wait to see what happens. All day long the talk show will do their predictions of who will win, who will gaff and who has the most to loose. So far all the pundits have been wrong about who would be leading the polls at this point, the establishment in the republican party has been fighting tooth and nail for Romney and it hasn't worked, so what's next.
Dick Morris will be tweeting, Neil Boortz national talk radio host will be like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, talking about it all day today and all day tomorrow as well. Pay attention to see if any of them call it like it is, so far most have missed the mark. Some will say they will pull for who ever is against President Obama, except I think if Ron Paul somehow get's out front, they might even try to get Donald Trump to run. Most have already declared Ron Paul, to far out there for the Republican party when it comes to foreign affairs. There may be one problem with that sentiment, if they disrespect him, he might just run as an independent and pull a Ross on them, which will pretty much assure that Obama wins.

Ok, the way I see it, is that most middle class working Americans want someone who will just tell them the truth and stand up for what they believe in. That's why Herman Cain took off so quick, that's why Newt Gingrich has been doing so well since Cain dropped out. I think most people are a little wary of the Northeast politician, Mitt Romney has never been able to get out of the 20's in the polls. I don't think we really know who will be ahead by April, all I know is who ever it is, be prepared for the most brutal attacks by Democrats that you have ever seen, with nearly a billion dollars to spend, it will be something to see. Nancy Pelosi started a little early when she threatened Newt, but that was just a taste of what's yet to come.
Tonight's debate on Fox News from Iowa will be followed by endless commentary, but the ultimately it will come down to the people, not the pundits and talk show host.

I can't wait.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Herman Cain Drops out of Race

Herman Cain announced yesterday that he was suspending his campaign for president. Though he did not come right and say it's over, read between the lines and you can pretty much say he's done.
With the allegations of sexual improprieties, his support has been slipping since the first accusations were made. It is alleged that the latest report of the 13 year, on again, off again affair was the straw that finally broke the back of the campaign.
He came home to Atlanta to supposedly talk to his family, more than likely to try to save what was left of his marriage. He admitted that he had helped the woman in question financially, but never told his wife about the arrangement. He has continued to say that there was never any sexual part to the relationship, however the woman insist that there was.
Most all the accusations about Mr. Cain seems to stem from his time with the National Restaurant Association, a three year period out of a career that spanned over 40 years. The one thing that never made much sense about this whole situation was that fact. But, with this latest accusation, the affair went on over much of the time he was living here in Atlanta and communication was right up till just recently. This time would also include his battle with cancer, where as a survivor myself, you need all the support you can get, plus his time as a WSB radio talk host and during his time as a fill in host for Neil Boortz. From all accounts, this seemed so much out of character for Mr. Cain, that a lot personal friends seemed to have a hard time accepting that he could have done what he had been accused of.
The announcement made on Saturday, pretty much seals the deal for Herman. Though he said he is just suspending his effort, he can pack it in for good. Once you have started on a downhill slide and it's this close to New Hampshire and Iowa, your done. The support he had from the Tea party has been taken by Newt Gingrich and it looks like the battle will come down between Newt and Romney.
Good luck to Herman Cain, I think his family will need a lot of healing after all this, I wish him the best in the future.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Will Herman Cain Quit Now?

It's all over the news, Herman Cain on his way home to Georgia to face his family. His wife has been interviewed and claims that she is not "one of those women who will stand on the stage with her husband and support him," that is, if he is guilty of the charges made against him.
Most of you know that the allegation is that Herman Cain had an on again, off again thirteen year affair with a woman in the metro Atlanta area. I won't mention her name, I refuse to give her any more press that she has already received. This is just the latest report of some type of infidelity related to the presidential hopeful and this may just be the one that finally kills the campaign.
He has issued an email asking supporter to tell him why he should stay in the race. He has stated that he would talk to his family, then make a decision on weather or not to go forward. This almost seems contradictory, either let your supports decide or your family, what happens if one or the other says's No?
Either way, I think that it is given, that he's done. His poll numbers has steadily dropped since the first affair was reported. Polls that had him in double digits just five weeks ago, now have him in single digits and there seems no way he will recover from this in time for the votes Iowa or New Hampshire.
Where he had a lot of support from independents, that has continued to drop and they shifted their support to Newt Gingrich.
Will Herman Cain quit? From all indications that he is all but done, probably so, but the announcement will come Monday, stay tuned.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

Here I sit on Thanksgiving morning and counting my thanks for a lot of things, most of all, for another day with my family and friends. Latter today, I will go to my parents house, I am thankful that they are both still alive and doing well in their 70's. Once there, we will have a houseful of family and friends to surround us and socialize with, we don't get together nearly often enough. We have a blessing of thousand of calories of food, we all bring a little, that turns into a whole lot. We will have the traditional turkey, ham and everyones favorite sweet potato pie.
After the struggles of this past year, I thank God everyday for another day, for helping me to beat cancer this year and the strides I have made in recovery. I truely am blessed to have another day of feeling good and getting better. Throat cancer treatment is very tough, 8hrs of surgery this past April, to remove my tonsils and lymph nodes, 30 radiation treatments and a port installation for 48 hours of chemotherapy 6 hours at a time. I am blessed to have made it thru and come out on the other side feeling better everyday, happy Thanksgiving.
To everyone out there facing their own struggles, remember the blessings that you have. We are blessed to have this Thanksgiving day to spend time with our family and friends. To see the beauty of the world around us. Happy Thanksgiving.
From me and my family to you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Super Commity failure is a win for Democrats

The super committee has now given up on it's assignment to cut the budget and figure out a way to balance the budget. Instead what we get is a microcosm view of what the true problem of our government really is, broken.

There is no more compromise in our government. The sides are so far apart ideally, there is virtually no way they will ever agree to do anything. The democrats in the senate and congress have drifted so far to the socialist liberal left that they will never agree to anything that reduces the size of government. The true colors of the democrats are being exposed more and more with everyday that passes and with the President leading the agenda they have no reason to change.

The republicans are defined by the press as obstructionist, while the democrats and Obama are said to be trying to accomplish the work of the people. But, looking back at the one major bill that they did pass, the Health care reform bill, it was so unpopular that most of the members that voted for it were voted out of office in the 2010 mid-term elections.

Now with the failure of the so called, Super Committee, tax increases and military spending cuts will take place in January 2013. The president has already stated that he would veto any bill that would counter act this automatic adjustment. In other words, he will get what he wanted last year in the budget bill that was defeated. The 600billion dollar military cut will be largest cut in our military budget in the history of our country and could under mind the effectiveness peace thru strength.

The other part of the bill, the tax increases, were fought over last year, know as the Bush tax cuts, the democrats wanted these tax cuts expires last year, but lost the fight. Now, the President will get what he wanted thru the back door efforts of the failure of the Super Committee. I don't know if just me, but it seems like the democrats on the committee knew all along what they were doing and never had any intentions of working with the republicans. If they had been able to accomplish anything, that could be detrimental to Obama's agenda of raising taxes and cutting the defense budget.

If you doubt what I'm saying maybe you should do so investigating on your own. Maybe you should go back and see that the republicans made several attempts to negotiate, but the because they would allow any new taxes the democrats would just walk away. The one thing that was the sticking point, tax increases, more money for the government to spend when they are wasting more and more money every day.

So the Super Committee turned into a Super Failure, at least for the American public and looks like a Super Win for the Democrats. Able to get another bill passed thru the back door, another reminder of the famous words of Nancy Pelosi, “You have to Pass the bill to find out what in it.” The failure of the Super Committee it just another way of hiding from the public the stakes of the game until the game was over. How many people can remember hearing all these things, tax increases, military budget cuts and the other parts of the automatic things to happen before it shut down?

Thank you democrats.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Protesters Protest Prostesters Protesting in Oakland

The Occupy Wall Street protesters in Oakland California are upset with the anarchist protesters giving them a bad name. It seems that things got out of hand the other night when the two groups encountered each other and violence broke out. The police were called in to dispurse the crowds, they used non lethal force, they used tear gas and other mean to dispurse the crowd away from the area.
The Oakland interim police chief, Howard Jordan vowed to protect the protesters from the protesters in the anarchist movement. The anarchasit spray painted graffati on buildings and store fronts of business owners. Most of the business owners actually support the occupy Wall Street protest, but the vandals who attacked these business, broke windows and left a lot of hard feeling along the way about all the protesters.
The word on the street is that the leaders of the Occupy Wall Street group is seeking to have all the other protesters removed from the area where they are staying so they can continue to peacefully protest. In other words, as the title says, the protesters are protesting the protesters protesting.
Stay tuned this only can get more stupid than it already is. When one group doesn't have a clue about what they are protesting and the other wants to protest everything, it can only get more stupid. The only thing that make the whole thing worth watching is to see if Nancy Pelosi or President Obama will continue to support the efforts of this .protesters along with other members of the democrat party.
We will wait and see

Friday, September 2, 2011

President out of Ideas for jobs

I guess you have seen all the reports now, the President is due to announce his lastest economic recovery plan next week. The majority of the reports I have seen today is more about the conflict with the NFL season start, than Obama's next anouncement. It's pretty sad really, when people have lost so much faith in the leadership of the President, that his adivisors have to even consider this. More so, that Obama himself, is saying that he will wrap it up before the game starts, sad, so sad.
Could you image football pre empting Richard Nixon or Ronald Regan, how about Bill Clinton? People had respect for the office back then, now days it seems the president is treated more like a celeberty than the leader of the free world. A president that has lost touch with the working class and lost respect among the same folks, that makes for a sad situation.
Is it really a policy that can change the current economic condition or is it something a lot deeper in the American philosophy. Maybe President Obama can't do anything and never could, the the fact is that people look to him for leadership, which is hard to find. He can't even members of his own party to go along with most of what he suggest.
I think that what we will get next week will be more of the same that we have heard, only this time he promises it will work, if only the GOP will get out of the way.
I think that he even has a hard time really believing that he really has an answer at this point. It's job protection time and he knows that he is running out of chances to make a difference.
The best thing he could do is announce that the government is going to get out of the way in the eviromental and permits department and allow business to move forward and tax cuts for any new employee added. We will see?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Debt limit Budget Deal or No Deal

The president and the speaker continue to battle over the debt limit increase, time to work something out is now. The speaker is wanting any increase in spending tied to budget cuts and the president and the democrats are still pushing for tax increases.
Funny, during the campaing seems that the candiate Obama wasn't quite as vocal about rasing taxes but the president can't seem to find a way to quit spending so now he needs more money. The democrats thirst for the American dollar seem to grow more daily. If the president was really more interested in the middle class and the poor he would realize that every time you tax the people that create jobs and wealth the less you help the job prospects.
The speaker of the house, John (I'm not caving in) Boehner, seems to have the support of the majority of Americans right now, with the, don't spend what you don't have approach. It seems pretty simple, if you are going to spend money, don't borrow what you don't have, when the whole argument right now is that we have so much debt that we have to increase the limit just to allow for interest payments.
Stay tuned, we need leadership and statemanship, not a spending junkie looking for his next fix.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weiner of the year

Why won't politicians just tell the truth up front. It seems that it would be a lot easier to get past a lot of the scandals, if they would just say,"I did it, I don't care what you think, next question?" The part that seems to get them all in trouble is the lying about what they did, rather that the fact of what they did.
Anthony Weiner is just one of a long list of politicians that have thought they were above telling what really what really happened. They start off with excuses, then flat out lies and finally when the heat gets really hot they tell the truth. Now there are calls for his resignation, I can't say that I blame the people doing it. If he would just have told the truth there would be no need to resign, after all he is a grown man and the woman invovled was a grown woman, not some teenage bimbo.
The reason now for resignation is the fact that he lied, if he would lie about something this simple and stupid, how can you trust him with other thing that really matter? This is the crux of the problem, not what he did, but what he hid?
This is just another example of elected officials thinking that they are better than the rest of us and shouldn't be held to the same standards that they set for the rest of us. I don't see things changing anytime soon!
They lie to us about taxes, ablity to do anything about oil prices, or just about anything else. Social Security and Medicare will be bankrupt soon and they will lie about how to fix and just who messed it up to begin with. The Sexting scandal just takes away from the serious issues at hand, it almost like that they would rather us talk about Weiner than any of the real issues at hand.
If the economy doesn't turn around pretty soon, consumer confidence in what the administration is doing will slip so deep that nothing will save Obama.
We are grown ups here, just tell us the truth.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mid East response to Osama's Death

From the news reports that I have seen, there doesn't appear the type of street uprising's that we in the US have become accustom to every time something happens that involves the US.
Also, the most vocal of the middle eastern countries to the killing of Bin Laden appears to be Pakistan. The Pakistan government is saying that they should have been involved in the process to to capture or kill Bin Laden. To the Pakistan government I say, "too fricken bad."
From previous reports it appears that there are leaks from inside the Pakistan government to Bin Laden sympathisers. According to some sources that previous attempts to track Bin Laden have failed due to leaks from confidential sorces. There are several government officials in side the US that still have a hard time comprehending that the Pakistan government didn't know where Osama was; considering the fact that the compound was within 800 feet of a military installation.
CIA and other intel agencies are watching for increased chatter on known terrorist networks for increased threats. As of now, or as what is being released, there are no known reliable source threats for retaliation.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Governmet Can Stop Rising Gas Prices

Don't think the government can't do anything about rising gas and desiel prices? Read this link click here for facts that the press doesn't tell you.
The state and federal government could reduce gas prices 30 to 70 cents a gallon depending on the state tax, by suspending the gas tax while we open oil leases.
There is oil across the Dakota's and Canada that could supply the US with billions of gallons of oil, that could send the oil speculators in the other direction. 
A step to reduce gas prices would be open exploration to all oil companies in the American mid west and Alaska.  The Bakken Oil shale that extend from Canada to North Dakota and Montana this find alone could yield close to 4 billion barrels of oil. This is find to second to the over 10 billion gallons of oil that could be in ANWAR Alaska. The deepwater gulf and coastal exploration should be opened to tap into the billions of gallons of oil off each cost. Off the Atlantic cost alone there is over 7 billions of conventionally recoverable oil.
If we were to start building refineries within ten miles of both coast of the United States and we were to start opening up all drilling areas, the speculators would drive the cost down. We could actually gas prices below $1.25 by fall and OPEC would be forced to lower prices to compete. Production levels would increase automatically in the mid east, just to keep up with production from the well the US has that are uncapped and put into service within 60 days. In 24 months we could have oil flowing that make up 90 percent of the needs of oil in the US. This would also create high paying jobs in the construction industry while waiting to reduce our energy need from over seas.
With cars getting better and better fuel milage every year the billions of barrels of oil here in the US will stretch even more in the future.
Please read the link above to find out more on this subject and see the other articles on this blog to find out how much oil we could find in the mid west.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Political Handyman: Gas Prices To Kill the Economy

Political Handyman: Gas Prices To Kill the Economy

Gas Prices To Kill the Economy

As it is right now, gas in the metro Atlanta area is hovering around $3.40 a gallon, with more increases on the way. There is no oil shortage, you can buy all you want at this price.
This is the way it all started three years ago, gas prices went up, spending on non essential items went down and business's started to suffer. The housing bust started at the same time, coincidence? I don't think so. I wrote about this very thing back then and people said I was imaging things. I said,"when gas hits $4.00 a gallon, the construction business is doomed and people will give up on mortgages that they can't afford anymore." Guess what? It happened just like I said it would.
The construction business hasn't recovered yet, unemployment in Georgia is still over 10%, and the glut of foreclosures hasn't went down. Nationally the press reports the unemployment rate at the present time of about 8.9%, however, this is misleading and the number is really bogus. They fail to take into account the number of people who have just given up looking due to fact that the job market is failing them. They also fail to recognize the formally self employed people that have lost their companies and are not eligible to file for unemployment benefits. You also have another segment of the population, the underemployed, people working two and three jobs just to make ends meat. If you take these people into account on a nationwide basis the number for the unemployment rate will be somewhere closer to 15 to 18%, which means that about 2 out of every 10 people right now are struggling to survive.
Gas prices are going to cause another prolonged recession to be even longer. The price at the pump will translate again to less spending on other products, just as it did in the past. The service station cashiers that I have talked to locally have already seen it happening again. People are paying just for gas and not coming in to purchase other goods. At a local BP station in Dawsonville, Georgia, Sam said,"in the past two weeks she has seen a 35% fall off of customer purchases for other than fuel. The only thing that has increased is Lottery ticket sales." This means as customers get more and more desperate, they are willing to take a chance on the lottery as a saving grace. No matter how stupid that sounds, people in desperate times takes desperate measures.
The Federal government seems to have no clue as to what is happening. They rich and the powerful in DC don't realize what is happening to the general public and the true effect this having on the lives of many.  They will continue to ride around in their private jets, limos and SUV's will the tax payers foot the bill for all of them. They don't seem to understand that that just like before, gas can be a budget buster for a lot of working people across the US.
Will we see $4.00 gallon gas in the next few weeks? If we do, watch to see what happens to restaurants and other local stores. Revenues will go down, just like before, people will loose jobs again and the unemployment rate will hit all time new highs. Then as people loose their jobs, mortgages will begin to fail again, just as before.
What can we do about it? Not much in the short term. We have more oil in the mid west United States that all of Saudi Arabia, but the environmentalist won't let us get it. We don't have any new refineries and haven't built any in over 20years, environmentalist again. We have capped well heads in the mid west that the government pays to keep capped, whats that all about? We have national oil reserves that we don't touch like it couldn't be replaced, that's a bogus argument.
Read my article "More Oil in Mid west" that will give you plenty of facts and then when you are spending $100 dollars to fill your tank, ask yourself, "do they even care at all about us?"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Nonsense never stops from the liberals

The nonsense of the liberal mind never ceases to amaze me. With the shooting in Arizona just the latest example of the the fear mongering that they promote. Blaming it on the TEA Party, on talk radio and Fox News for the actions of a delusional mad man.

I wonder sometimes if fear is the only thing that they have left at this point. After loosing the election this past November,and loosing control of the house of representatives they act like it was just a misunderstanding. I truly believe sometimes that they think the American public are just a bunch of idiots that don't know what's good for them. They fail to accept the fact that the people voted them out for their policies.

Obama seems to moving closer to the center and the congress moving closer to the left. Will this mean that when the 2012 elections come around will they still endorse him. Probably.

If the republicans in the house continue to promote ideas that will actually help the economy and try to get rid of the Democrat health care bill the only chance they will have is promoting fear. Labeling the TEA Party as extremist as they did before. Will it work this time? As for me, I don't think so. I look for more of the same desperate behavior from the left in the future with help from the main steam media to sell their fear. I wait for the next big news story that they can use to compare the right with Nazi's as has happened already.
We wait and see.