Thursday, December 22, 2011

Is Iowa a worthless Primary?

This question is being asked more and more the closer we come to the January 3rd, caucus date. It seems the polls change every day and if they are a true indicator of whats going on, Ron Paul just may win in Iowa. Then that begs to ask, again, is Iowa a worthless primary?
In most reasonable minds, if Ron Paul wins, the answer must be yes. There is absolutely no way that Ron Paul will be Obama. With the statements attributed to Ron Paul from his news letters from the past, he would have a hard time beating anyone. Talk show host Erick Erickson on WSB radio, covered a lot of what was written on his show on Wednesday, December 21st. Some of the things that he talked about was down right scary if you heard it. According to Erick, in Paul's news letter, there was such things as, "gay were intentionally infecting the blood banks with AIDS, that there was going to be a race war and referred to blacks as animals." Also, according to Mr. Erickson, Ron Paul's editor was quoted making such comments as "there is nothing more lovin, than a Jew in the oven," it this is true and Paul refused to dis-own these comments, how could he possibly be a candidate.
If a talk show host can find this stuff, what do you think the democrats will do with all this information? Hitler himself, would stand a better chance of beating Obama if they have access to the same information that Erick spoke of.
Are the people of Iowa so ill informed that they would actually vote for someone like this? If Ron Paul wins in Iowa there is no way this can reflect the rest of America. This will make Iowa look like a laughing stock and may remove any candidates from ever participating in that state again.
Also, Newt and Romney are in a virtual tie according to the latest polls, the closer we get to January 3rd, the more volatile the polls will become.
I am looking forward to the caucus, but only as it will show the insignificance of the whole damn thing anyway.

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