Friday, December 2, 2011

Will Herman Cain Quit Now?

It's all over the news, Herman Cain on his way home to Georgia to face his family. His wife has been interviewed and claims that she is not "one of those women who will stand on the stage with her husband and support him," that is, if he is guilty of the charges made against him.
Most of you know that the allegation is that Herman Cain had an on again, off again thirteen year affair with a woman in the metro Atlanta area. I won't mention her name, I refuse to give her any more press that she has already received. This is just the latest report of some type of infidelity related to the presidential hopeful and this may just be the one that finally kills the campaign.
He has issued an email asking supporter to tell him why he should stay in the race. He has stated that he would talk to his family, then make a decision on weather or not to go forward. This almost seems contradictory, either let your supports decide or your family, what happens if one or the other says's No?
Either way, I think that it is given, that he's done. His poll numbers has steadily dropped since the first affair was reported. Polls that had him in double digits just five weeks ago, now have him in single digits and there seems no way he will recover from this in time for the votes Iowa or New Hampshire.
Where he had a lot of support from independents, that has continued to drop and they shifted their support to Newt Gingrich.
Will Herman Cain quit? From all indications that he is all but done, probably so, but the announcement will come Monday, stay tuned.

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