Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Super Commity failure is a win for Democrats

The super committee has now given up on it's assignment to cut the budget and figure out a way to balance the budget. Instead what we get is a microcosm view of what the true problem of our government really is, broken.

There is no more compromise in our government. The sides are so far apart ideally, there is virtually no way they will ever agree to do anything. The democrats in the senate and congress have drifted so far to the socialist liberal left that they will never agree to anything that reduces the size of government. The true colors of the democrats are being exposed more and more with everyday that passes and with the President leading the agenda they have no reason to change.

The republicans are defined by the press as obstructionist, while the democrats and Obama are said to be trying to accomplish the work of the people. But, looking back at the one major bill that they did pass, the Health care reform bill, it was so unpopular that most of the members that voted for it were voted out of office in the 2010 mid-term elections.

Now with the failure of the so called, Super Committee, tax increases and military spending cuts will take place in January 2013. The president has already stated that he would veto any bill that would counter act this automatic adjustment. In other words, he will get what he wanted last year in the budget bill that was defeated. The 600billion dollar military cut will be largest cut in our military budget in the history of our country and could under mind the effectiveness peace thru strength.

The other part of the bill, the tax increases, were fought over last year, know as the Bush tax cuts, the democrats wanted these tax cuts expires last year, but lost the fight. Now, the President will get what he wanted thru the back door efforts of the failure of the Super Committee. I don't know if just me, but it seems like the democrats on the committee knew all along what they were doing and never had any intentions of working with the republicans. If they had been able to accomplish anything, that could be detrimental to Obama's agenda of raising taxes and cutting the defense budget.

If you doubt what I'm saying maybe you should do so investigating on your own. Maybe you should go back and see that the republicans made several attempts to negotiate, but the because they would allow any new taxes the democrats would just walk away. The one thing that was the sticking point, tax increases, more money for the government to spend when they are wasting more and more money every day.

So the Super Committee turned into a Super Failure, at least for the American public and looks like a Super Win for the Democrats. Able to get another bill passed thru the back door, another reminder of the famous words of Nancy Pelosi, “You have to Pass the bill to find out what in it.” The failure of the Super Committee it just another way of hiding from the public the stakes of the game until the game was over. How many people can remember hearing all these things, tax increases, military budget cuts and the other parts of the automatic things to happen before it shut down?

Thank you democrats.

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