Thursday, November 3, 2011

Protesters Protest Prostesters Protesting in Oakland

The Occupy Wall Street protesters in Oakland California are upset with the anarchist protesters giving them a bad name. It seems that things got out of hand the other night when the two groups encountered each other and violence broke out. The police were called in to dispurse the crowds, they used non lethal force, they used tear gas and other mean to dispurse the crowd away from the area.
The Oakland interim police chief, Howard Jordan vowed to protect the protesters from the protesters in the anarchist movement. The anarchasit spray painted graffati on buildings and store fronts of business owners. Most of the business owners actually support the occupy Wall Street protest, but the vandals who attacked these business, broke windows and left a lot of hard feeling along the way about all the protesters.
The word on the street is that the leaders of the Occupy Wall Street group is seeking to have all the other protesters removed from the area where they are staying so they can continue to peacefully protest. In other words, as the title says, the protesters are protesting the protesters protesting.
Stay tuned this only can get more stupid than it already is. When one group doesn't have a clue about what they are protesting and the other wants to protest everything, it can only get more stupid. The only thing that make the whole thing worth watching is to see if Nancy Pelosi or President Obama will continue to support the efforts of this .protesters along with other members of the democrat party.
We will wait and see

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