Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Illusion of government help

The government is often saying that it wants to make things fair for this group or that group. The fact is there is no one that can make things fair for anyone. Some people are in fact just stupid, dumb or ignorant. Then some people are born with high IQ's and there is nothing that the government can do to change that. Some people will work only as much as they have too, just to get by, then complain when they see someone that has more than they do. Some people will work so much, that they loose all touch with the love one they are trying to please. (I know, I was one of those people). But, nothing in life is fair, no one said it would be, and it will never be. So the next time you hear a politician claim to making someone pay their fair share, remember, the government who decides what is fair, can also put you in jail. They have the power of force on their side, no matter what you do in your personal life, you can't force anyone to do something, only the government can.
Trust in yourself, question everything, take nothing for granite and remember life ain't fair!!

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