Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Are all politician corrupt?

Are the politicians in DC corrupt? What ever happened to honesty and integrity? It seems like every day we read of another scandal in Washington and it doesn't apply to just one party.
I really think that there are probably some pretty good people in government, but they are the ones that you never hear about. The ones that are really trying to do good things that protect the American public are the silent ones in the background that never get any press. They go to DC to find out that its not easy to compete with the Pelosi, Reid, and radical left for change in government that will actually help the people, not burden them.
It seems that the political class that begs for TV coverage, is out there to promote their agenda with half truths and sometimes out right lies. When called out on these misleading statements that resort to name calling and trying anything they can to avoid answering the question.
I don't care which side of the political isle you are on, we the people, just want our elected representatives to be honest with us. If they would just give us the facts and not what they think we want to hear, we could decide for ourselves weather to favor or not a piece of legislation.
As in the Health Care Bill we have be mislead by both sides, the left lies about the cost and other portions of the bill that are just now coming to light. The right refuses to admit there are probably some good thing in the bill as well. It seems that no matter what, it is all just designed to keep the same people in power.
The corrupt politician will seek the spotlight to call attention to themselves in order to spread their word to the naive and the ignorant among us. They depend on the willing of the people to take what they say at face value, without question and the ability to think for themselves.
The problems lies in the fact there is no way to remove these politician other than the ballot box and as long as the people that follow them like sheep, continue to vote for the same people the same people will remain.
We have to educate people to the truth, before we can eliminate the corrupt political climate that exist in today's politics.
We need real people in DC, not career politicians. Once the average man has a voice in DC the climate may change, but until then, special interest and idealist will control the lives of all.

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