Thursday, March 25, 2010

Do we need a New Health Care Bill

With all the talk of the Democrat's Health Care Reform bill and the Obama signature making it law, do we another health care bill.

In a word, yes. The health care bill in its present form is a terrible bill. The implications of this bill will not even be felt until after President Obama is out of office. The economical disaster that awaits us will be so wide spread that the Great Depression will look like a walk in the park.
The latest news to come out in the press is that the government is looking at value added Tax. This is a true economic killing Tax. This will hit the working class with a vengeance. The tax will be added on top of the already high taxes we pay at our local stores. We already pay, states sales tax, gasoline taxes and many local splost taxes (special local option sale tax).
If the government was truly serious about getting the economy back on track there is two things that they should do immediately.
1. Scrap the current health care reform bill
We need a bill that encourages competition from insurance companies, go to a looser pays lawsuit system (this would eliminate thousands of frivolous lawsuits each year helping to reduce insurance cost. We also need a system that allows a patient to get a second pinon on a medical issue, paid by insurance companies, that if both doctors are in agreement to the diagnoses, the insurance would be required to pay. We need to be able to purchase the type of insurance we need, without a one size fits all policy, if you don't pregnancy insurance because you don't need it, then why have to pay for it, the same for mental illness and other things are mandated.
 2. Replace the current income tax system with the fair tax. This is not a value added tax, but a replacement for the federal income tax, social security tax and each person would be paid their entire paycheck on payday. If you want more information on the fair tax click here.
The only way to dig ourselves out of the financial hole the country is in is to make the politician quit spending money the country doesn't have. As for creating revenue for the country, the fair tax is simple the best economic vehicle to jump start all aspects of the economic engine that runs this country.
Please let your congress people know that we can't afford this health care bill and that more taxes are not the answer.

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