Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Georgia reaches 10.4 unemployment rate

Figures just released show that Georgia has reached a 10.4% unemployment, the highest so far. This Obama administration has been in office for more than a year now and the first stimulus package that was, suppose to keep unemployment under 8% has failed miserably.
Now the Democrats and Obama are wanting to push another unpaid for bill to help with the growing numbers. The problem with this is, the first bill hasn't been completely spent yet, and there is no proof that another bill will do any good.
If they were truly interested in employment, they would cut taxes across the board to free up capital, so business could compete with other companies outside the US. The freed up capital, would allow these companies to hire more people once present day production couldn't keep up with demand. They will fight any type of tax cuts to the bitter end, play the class warfare game over and over and never give up any control over the private sector that they deed as theirs.
It's seems as if that they are really trying to keep unemployment at its current level so that they can continue doling out money in benefits. This way the more people that continue to seek government assistance, the power they continue to have.
This is just a big power game, and right now they think they hold all the cards. When the public wake up to whats going on and refuse to let the federal government spend this country into bankruptcy?

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