Sunday, March 28, 2010

Twits on twitter

I have been exploring different parts of Twitter for the past several day and what I have found is just plain scary. There are sites dedicated to all views and people from all walks of life. The most vile and disturbing people seem to be on one particular site RT#p2-tcot.

 These people are from the progressive left, I mean far, far, far left. They constantly spew hatred for anything that is not total agreement with their point of view. When I have tried to hold a conversation with these people they resort to name calling, blocking messages and will not accept or debate any opposing view.
Though, I am an independent thinker and usually piss people off from the left and the right,the right theocracy people especially, the venom from the left is quite disturbing. They continually degrade and insult people, especially Sarah Palin and Glen Beck. I don't know if they are afraid of them or if most them are just repeating what they hear. They never seem to address the comments made these people only attack the messenger. When they do say something that was said by Palin or Beck, they take it so far out context, that they bastardize the comment so much as to not be noteworthy.
These people are just plain scary. They seem to follow blindly down the path of misinformation put out by their social leaders, Obama, Pelosi and Reid. They question nothing, only believe what they are told and repeat the lies so much that they must believe that they are true.
I think I have had enough. They talk about racism and hatred on the right and blame social ills on everyone but their selves. They will never reach across the isle to work with opposing view, they will only whine, piss and moan when they don't get their way.
Its a sad state of affairs when people can be lead down a path of destruction and never even know it. These same people will blame everyone but their selves for their own current circumstance in life. They will depend on the government to make things right in their lives, never once admitting that they are to blame.
Since when was it OK for the government to take something from someone who earned it and give it to those who refuse to even try.
When the Democrats run everything for forty years, all they ever did was to keep social program in place to keep the down trotted coming back to the polls. With every election the promises of a cradle to grave society grew until we get to where we are today. Now, with Obama, Reid and Pelosi in charge, they have become dictators and are forcing new laws upon the people weather wanted or not. The Health Care Reform bill is just a prelude to what is to come. When they can pass a bill that over 65% of the population didn't want, it shows that their desire for control out weighs the desires of the people
The people on this twitter page are more than willing to accept the promises of social reform and government control and long as it comes from the left. If these same issues would had been on the right side of the isle, I believe that the rage over being force to purchase insurance or be fined, would be heard on every news cast night and day. They would be calling for removal of the people who went against the will of the people and voted for a law that they didn't approve of.
They say the right is full of hate?

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