Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The list of Democrats that voted against Health Care Reform Bill

The following is a list of the Democrats that voted against the health care bill. These people have become targets of the left seeking to get them out of office. Though, many voted for different reason, the left is upset because of the fact that they didn't go along with the Obama, Pelosi plan. Never mind that some failed to support it because it didn't go far enough in their eyes. Many on this list would not support the bill because it lacked the so called public option, the entire take over of health care by the government. The fact remains, if they went against the wishes of Obama they need to be thrown out of office. This just goes to show you that, not only is the Republicans and the Tea Party in the sights of the liberal left, but anyone who fails to go along with the Obama agenda is fair game. These names came from a far left website, I won't mention the name, I refuse to give them any free advertisement. 

John Adler NJ-3
Jason Altmire PA-4
Michael Arcuri NY-24
John Barrow GA-12
Marion Berry ARK-1
Dan Boren OK-2
Rick Boucher VA-9
Bobby Bright AL-2
Ben Chandler KY-6
Travis Childers MISS-1
Artur Davis AL-7
Lincoln Davis TN-4
Chet Edwards TX-17
Parker Griffith AL-5
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin SD-1
Tim Holden PA-1
Larry Kissell NC-8
Frank Kratovil MD-1
Daniel Lipinski IL-3
Stephen F. Lynch MA-9
Jim Marshall GA-8
Jim Matheson UT-2
Mike McIntyre NC-7
Michael McMahon NY-13
Charlie Melancon LA-3
Walt Minnick ID-1
Glenn Nye VA-2
Collin Peterson MN-7
Mike Ross AR-4
Heath Shuler NC-11
Ike Skelton MO-4
Zack Space OH-18
John Tanner TN-8
Gene Taylor MS-4
Harry Teague NM-2

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