Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Rally Cry for America, Take Back Our Government

I watched some of the Glenn Beck rally and was amazed to see the diversity of the crowd. There were people form every state, color and creed. Now, I begin to wonder if this is really the dawning of a new era in American politics?
Though billed as a non political event, you can't help but wonder how the incumbents in office right now felt with such a mass of people there only a few miles from the White House. I don't know if anyone in office is safe right now, Republican or Democrat. They both have took it upon themselves to work for the government and not the people for so long, I doubt that any of them could give up their political standing to change the game.
The real problem with government is not so much the people we elect as it is the power brokers in charge once they get there. It seems that with every new face that walks into the halls of the congress or senate, once there they are converted to representatives of the government and not the people.
Bills that are passed are so complicated in their speech that most people in congress can't even understand what in them, even though they vote for them. The health care bill is a prime example of this, when you ask a congress person if they know whats in it, they can only point out the parts that are suppose to make you feel better about it. They don't have a clue as to what is really in the bill and how could they? The bill is so big and massive that even the people who wrote the bill only know parts of it.
The rally cry for America should be to get government back on the side of the people. People have lost sight of the fact the founders said, "by the people, for the people". More and more it seems that its "by the government for the government." The people have truly lost their voice in the way the country is run.
We protest about illegal immigration and told we are racist. We protest about high taxes and told we have to pay our fair share, while billions of dollars go to support countries over seas. We complain about the way the health care bill was passed and told by Nancy Pelosi, "we have to pass it to find out whats in it." And when it was shoved through with out the peoples support, they smile and laugh as if to say, we are the government and we win!
We have to take our government back. We need people in Washington that are regular people and not lawyers and career politicians. The time is now to stand up and take back America.what kind of government are we suppose to have?  The sad fact is not enough people even know anymore. The schools have brainwashed our kids to believing that we are a Democracy, in its simplest form it means that 51% of the people can control the other 49%.
Have faith in the power of the people who will stand up for whats right. Don't let the doom and gloom crowd dictate your views on how things will never change. Things can change, we can take control if we all stand together on common ground and fight for what we believe in. This should be the Rally Cry for ALL Americans, WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!

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