Saturday, August 7, 2010

What to make of the Democrats chances to retain power

The Democrats will have a hard time retaining power in the November elections if things continue as is. The economy has not recovered, spending is out of control and people are not spending money. The one thing that will really hurt them is the fact that most people just don't believe them anymore.

The promise of if the stimulus package passes, the unemployment rate would not be above a certain number remember what it was? Didn't happen and now the people that were unemployed are still unemployed and the numbers don't look good for the remainder of the months leading to the election.
Also, people just don't trust the entire government to do the right thing anymore. When they continue to say give it time, what that mean is we need to spend more money. They can not spend their way out of this mess, and if the Bush tax cuts expire, it will cripple the economy even more. The liberal base want's higher taxes on the rich, but, they fail to realize it's hard to get a job from a poor person.

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