Friday, October 29, 2010

Will The Elections Really Get Us What We Want

Ok, here we are just a few days away from election day. The common consensus is that the Republicans will gain control of congress and a slim chance at the senate. If the GOP does regain control of the congress, what will it really mean. Nothing, unless we stay as active after the election as we have been during the run up to it. The problem is most people will think, "oh boy! we won!" and just think that the people that we elected will do what we elected them to do.
What will happen if we don't watch them closely, is that will get sucked into the Washington power play and forget what got them there. Like in the past, they will talk loud at first about what they are going to do, then give in to compromise and never accomplish what they were sent there for. Like in the past they will think if they don't go along with the opposition party that somehow people will think that they are obstructing the congress's work. They will waffle back and forth, say we really we wanted to do something, please if we just had more power we could do it right. They will continue to ask you to give them a second chance, just as  the democrats are doing right now.
So, remember just because if the GOP wins next week, doesn't mean the fight is over. We must continue to apply pressure to our elected officials to the results we want. We must not back off, we must not be mislead by slick talking politicians telling us that "we had to do it that way" when they shove the next big program down our throat, like Obama, Reid and Pelosi did with the Health Care Bill.
A lot of hard decisions lie ahead for the new congress and they must make the right choice for our future, our kids future and the freedom that this great country was founded on.
Keep your voices loud and demand from the congress that they listen to us this time.

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