Thursday, May 24, 2012

Talk Radio, has it time come to an end?

Where do I start? I guess a little history about me would be a good place. I listened to talk radio starting back in the early days, Neal Boortz in the mornings on WSB AM 750, Rush Limbaugh on WGST AM 640 in the afternoon and in the late afternoon back to WSB and a group of people that really made me laugh, Gary Mckee, Trevor and the great Larry Munson. Those were roots of what talk radio grew into, a young squeaky voice was against Neal Boortz in the morning, a kid from Alabama named Sean Hannity who I would listen to when Neal was out or would go on one of his rants against smokers or fat people, (I am not either one) just got tired of hearing it.
Back then, I didn't know that much about politics, I guess I learnt alot and Rush Limbaugh was educational at the time. I even tried to watch his TV show when I could, it was hard to find on in the Atlanta TV market at the time. Neal Boortz had just went on the air full time and had quit the lawyering business, he had taken the place of another icon, Ludlow Porch, and learning to listen to him was quite an adjustment.
That was then, this is now. Now days its all the same ole stuff day after day. Obama is the worst president ever, the US is on a down hill slide to hell and Obama greased the sled. Sean Hannity has become a moralist, I am better than you because I super religious. His conversation with Penn from Penn and Teller, had him so buffaloed that he could find a good argument against drugs, or anything else for that matter. Neal Boortz has become what he claims his listeners are, unable to hear the truth without fear that he maybe wrong. I heard a guy call and was making some good points until Boortz got agravated that he seemed to be loosing the battle, hung up and starting making his points with having to answer questions on his reasoning.
I don't know if it's because I am older now, because I fought Cancer all last year or something from a combination of both, but I am tired of it. I know I can't be the only one. I am tired of blaming the government for everything, but Rush, Neal and Sean will tell you that you can't be successful with Obama in office and the democrats running things. I tell you it doesn't matter who is running things, it matters what you do in your own life that counts. If you sit and worry about what the government is doing, then you are worring about the wrong thing, unless you are in talk radio.
I guess I figure it like this, Bill Clinton got elected, they were against that one too, Obama will probably be re elected, so it's up to you to make your own way.
Talk radio is just filler now days when I get bored with music, but I can only handle a little at a time, where I couldn't wait to see what they would talk about, now I already know before I even turn the dial.
Is Talk Radio on the way out? I don't know, but I know I am tired of the same ole thing. Maybe its time for something new, maybe a revival of comedy, where is Trevor, McKee and that Munson guy?

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