Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Romney Vs Obama - it's ON NOW!!

Romney clinched the nomination by winning Texas the other night. Obama called to congratulate him on his win.

So, now it's officially on, the fight is going start in earnest over the next few weeks. The fund raising dollars will start pouring in and the pundits will start their same ole dribble.

Things to consider. Don't pay attention to what Limbaugh, Boortz, Hannity or any other talk radio person has to say. Remember, if they had all the answers and could choose leaders, we wouldn't have had Bill Clinton or Obama.
Don't pay attention to the broadcast news, they have their own agenda just like the talk radio people do. Remember the Dan Rather incident? For all the people who say the main stream media isn't bias, just watch the the George Stephannouplousous interview with Mitt Romney. Would he really ask them kind of questions of Obama? Or just go back to the last election and look at the questions that they did ask Obama, really? Nothing about college transcripts, nothing about Rev. Wright or Nothing about drug use he talked about in his book?

It' fixing to get really nasty. The Democrats are going to accuse Romney of being everything except the son of the Devil. It might even come down to that if Obama get desperate enough.

This should shape up to be one of the most personal attack elections in years. Steve Hayes, Charles Krauthammer and Chris Matthews will all have a good time with this one. I will have a good time watching them and the expressions on their face every time the polls change.

So, IT'S ON!

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