Friday, June 1, 2012

Romney Will Fight Obama On Own Terms

Romney has decided to fight Obama the way the democrats fight the republicans. This was evident at the David Axelrod public disruption by Romeny plants.
Romney admitted to having the plants show up at the Axelrod event stating, "Obama sends his agents to our events, we will do the same." That isn't the exact quote, but you get the point, what's fair is fair, if you do unto me, I will do unto you.

The Democrats tried to cry foul, but it's only because they are not used to anyone fighting back or questioning their methods. When they fought against McCain they didn't have anything to worry about, McCain was always about wanting people to like him and not make waves, even if it meant not defending himself or his staff. McCain would even go after Obama past affiliations, Reverend Wright, Bill Aires or even Obama himself from his own book.

The fight should be a good one. If it becomes "tit for tat" it will be really interesting to see who gets the best punches in. The one thing that we know for sure, is that it is going to get ugly. Obama will not run on his record, he is even talking about fixing his own health care bill, unemployment is inching up again, the economy is shrinking and a dismal growth rate of less than two percent, this can't be good.

Keep watching and pay attention to the press trying to spin everything in Obama favor. Will it work? I don't think it will or will Romney let it.

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