Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cancer cure or fear of being sick, which is worse?

Cancer cures are different on every level. There are certian types of cancers that are more treatable than others but no matter what type you have there is fear of the unknown.
I know, I talk from experience. I was diagnosed with cancer about year ago next month and you know what, I wasn't concern to much about it. I kept a good attitude on the Cancer care I would recieve and I knew I was going to be ok. Even though I had a type of tonsil and lymph node cancer that would require an agressive treatment plan and I knew I was going to be really sick for awhile, I never got down about it.
I was given a clean bill of health this past September from my Oncologist, that the treatments had been successful but we would have to keep an eye on things for the next couple of years. I felt thankful that I had the good news. I had lost a lot of weight during the Chemo and radiation and I am still currently trying to put weight back on, I need about 10 more pound to get back to where I was and I need to get my energy levels up.
But, now I just went and had another test, this time for some reason, I am not so confident as I was in the past. I think now it is just fear that cancer will raise it's ugly head again to stop my healing process.
I think I got thru the treatments a lot better than the not knowing. So to me the cure was easier than the not knowing.
Please read the following article for more insight into this.

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