Monday, January 23, 2012

Obama hopes for economic collapse

For some reason it seems to me that Obama is hoping for another economic collapse. I'll try to keep it simple enough so that democrats can even comprehend this. If I'm wrong no big deal, but if I'm right, God help us all because the housing bust won't be anything compared to this.
First, he has declined to approve the Keystone Pipeline due to his slavery to the environmentalist and his desire to keep them happy, and their money. This decision, is going to have a two fold impact. One, it will allow the job creation associated with it's construction to go by the wayside for at least another year. Two, the lack of new energy production will allow oil prices to continue to rise.
The next decision he has made that will contribute to our demise is the refusal to confront Iran and the trouble stirring in the middle east. The unstable atmosphere in the region has caused a direct effect of oil price increases and in turn, a hike in gas prices in the past month. This is just the start of things to come.
The future for oil prices is looking bleak for the United States and the American public. The economy will start to slow again when Gas prices start to inch up toward $4.00 dollars a gallon again. People that live in rural areas and do not have alternate transportation means will simply sit home and save money to put into the gas tank. We have already seen this once before, right before the housing bust, gas hit $4.00 dollars a gallon and the economic push we needed stopped. People seem to think that the housing bubble started this crises, they have blinder on, the increase of gas prices started it all. When people couldn't meet their budgeted obligations due to the increase of transportation cost, it became a domino effect. They needed money for fuel, stopped any extra spending on unneeded consumer goods, this in turn slowed down the manufacturing sector, which started laying off people, then they couldn't pay their house note and it got worse from there.
Obama seems to be hoping for the same thing to happen all over again. With his refusal to do anything to make us energy independent from OPEC and middle east interest, it will only be a matter of time before gas prices will slow the economic engine of the US once again.
If the predictions of the experts are right, gas will hit nearly $5.00dollars a gallon by mid summer, just in time for the presidential political game to heat up. Gas prices when Obama took office was just below $2.00dollars a gallon and continued to rise since he has been in. The economic recovery started slowly when prices got lower, and we are just now seeing the result. We will see the economic slow down start again by summer, it will be directly related to gas prices and commercial property my see the next bust. When people have to stay home and quit shopping because they need the money for gas, business's will close and inflation will hit all sectors due to transportation cost.
We have to seek energy independence in order to save our economy. Obama will never let it happen, so vote for change you can live on, believe it.

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